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3D for Graphic Designers

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Expand Your Creativity from 2D to 3D

As smartphones, tablets, films, interactive games, and other technologies grow more sophisticated, the demand increases for graphic designers who can create in the 3D space. If you’re an experienced 2D designer, 3D for Graphic Designers is the perfect resource to help you take the next step. Focusing on 3D building blocks such as modeling, lighting, rendering, animation, and visualization, this unique book provides hands-on training and detailed coverage of techniques that will help you stay competitive.

While the author uses Luxology modo in the book, you’ll find his basic concepts applicable, no matter which software you use.

The accompanying DVD includes all the files you need to complete the projects in the book, along with some helpful videos to drive home concepts.

  • Master 3D terminology, 3D geometry, and other basics
  • Make and edit primitives, create objects, and add textures
  • Learn basic lighting, environmental lighting, and good lighting rigs
  • Model organic, semi-organic, and hard surface objects
  • Create architectural interiors and exteriors
  • Understand rendering and how to enhance renders with Photoshop
  • Add motion, emotion, and drama with animation
  • Design and light a simple water bottle, a floorplan model, and more

Learn techniques for modeling, texturing, and rendering

Create high-quality architectural visualization

Use Photoshop to fine-tune finished 3D renders

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  • Title : 3D for Graphic Designers
  • Author : Ellery Connell
  • Publisher : Wiley / Sybex
  • Pages : 400
  • Print ISBN :
  • Print ISBN 10 :
  • Ebook ISBN : 978-1-4571-1980-4
  • ISBN 10 : 1-4571-1980-3

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