Access 2016 For Dummies

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Learn to:

  • Speak the lingo of database developers and create databases that suit your needs
  • Organize your data into tables and build forms that simplify data entry
  • Query your data to get answers and insight
  • Create reports that present data in a way that’s easy to understand

Unlock the magic of databases and see how Access 2016 can make your life easier!

A good database makes it easy to store, find, and report on the data you need. With a bit of the know-how in this book, you can create an outstanding relational database. Follow the simple steps to learn how to build data tables, establish relationships between your tables, create forms, execute queries, and generate reports that squeeze all the value out of your data.

  • Database basics — explore databases, database terminology, how Access works, and how to navigate the program
  • Table talk — learn to plan and build tables, use primary keys, and understand table relationships
  • Magical management — generate useful forms, import data from various sources, learn to edit data automatically, and use Access with the web
  • Data Q&A — query your data using filter and sort tools, run the Query Wizard, and update lots of data quickly using Action Queries
  • Reporting for duty — create quick automatic reports, design individualized reports with great presentation features, and develop mass mailings
  • Analyze this — use the Analyzer tools to make your database more efficient and help database users find their way with navigation forms

Open the book and find:

  • How to build a database from the ground up
  • The rules of making tables that organize your data
  • Steps for building forms using the Form Wizard
  • How to import data from other sources
  • Advice on sharing data on the Web
  • Fast ways to find data in your database
  • The tricks behind creating queries that get answers
  • Ideas on creating eye-catching reports
  • Tips on troubleshooting Access

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  • Title : Access 2016 For Dummies
  • Author : Laurie Ulrich Fuller, Ken Cook
  • Publisher : Wiley / For Dummies
  • Pages : 456
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  • Ebook ISBN : 978-1-4920-0975-7
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