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Take charge of your MS and live a full, active life

Need to know more about MS? This friendly, authoritative guide gives you expert advice on making personal treatment choices, managing symptoms, staying healthy, and maximizing your health insurance options — as well as knowing how to deal with relapses and complications so you can keep your life on track.

  • You have MS: now what? — understand your diagnosis, get a handle on your feelings, and get to know the treatment options and healthcare professionals that can help
  • Get a game plan — develop immediate and long-term strategies for slowing disease activity, dealing with relapses, and managing symptoms
  • Here’s to your health — find out how to take care of yourself with a balanced diet, the right kind of exercise, restful sleep, and stress management techniques
  • Make it personal — discover how to manage lifestyle issues with MS, from keeping the family rhythm going after diagnosis to building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Plan for the future — get helpful, sensitive advice on facing scary “what-ifs” and making effective plans for an unpredictable future

Open the book and find:

  • The latest on medications and treatment options
  • Tips on managing mood changes, memory problems, bladder challenges, and more
  • Possible MS triggers
  • Ways to keep daily life on track
  • Considerations for complementary and alternative medicine
  • The relationship between stress and MS
  • How to explain MS to others
  • Planning a family around your MS

Learn to:

  • Make treatment and lifestyle choices that work for you
  • Manage fatigue, walking problems, and visual changes
  • Find stress management strategies that work for you
  • Talk to your kids about MS

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  • Title : Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies, 2nd Edition
  • Author : Rosalind Kalb Ph.D., Barbara Giesser MD, Kathleen Costello
  • Publisher : Wiley / For Dummies
  • Pages :
  • Print ISBN :
  • Print ISBN 10 :
  • Ebook ISBN : 978-1-4571-4323-6
  • ISBN 10 : 1-4571-4323-2

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